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Stock code Listing of main board of Hongkong Stock Exchange        


LOL外围 group

Fifty More than one city

Real estate development

Two thousand four hundred and twenty-five Billion contract sales
730+ Development projects
8700+ Development area of 10000 square meters
Six thousand eight hundred and fourteen Million square meters of land reserve area

Commercial operation

Forty-seven point five Billion annual rent income
Thirty-nine Opening mall
Three hundred and seventy-seven 10000 square meters opening area
Four point seven Billion passenger traffic per year

Rental housing

TOP3 Brand influence
about Seventy-five thousand Open rooms

Intelligent service

One hundred and ten More than one city
330+ Ten thousand households owners
Four point two eight Million square meters contract management area
LOL外围 group

SINCE 1993

Founded in 2003

LOL外围 group was founded in Chongqing in 1993, and developed in the whole country. Its business covers four main channel businesses, namely, real estate development, commercial operation, rental housing and intelligent service.

In 2009, LOL外围 Group Holdings Limited (Stock Code: 960) was listed on the main board of Hongkong stock exchange. In 2019, the group's turnover was 151 billion 30 million yuan, and the best credit rating of domestic and foreign investment level private housing enterprises was harvested. By the end of 2019, the group's business has covered 7 major urban agglomerations and over 50 cities. For 10 consecutive years, the group has won the Fortune 500 China, and has won the "10 strong strength of China's real estate development enterprises" for 8 consecutive years. It has been selected as the "best 50 Forbes listed company in Asia Pacific region" for 3 times, and has won the "2000 strong Forbes global listed company" for 2 times.    

Since the development of the first residential project in Chongqing LOL外围 garden Nanyuan in 1997, LOL外围 has accumulated more than 800 development projects, with a total development area of nearly 100 million square meters. 5 projects have won the highest award in the comprehensive development industry of China's real estate industry, and 12 projects have won the "Zhan Tianyou prize" of the highest award in China's civil engineering. In 2019, the contract sales volume was 242 billion 500 million yuan, and the top ten remained stable.

As one of the earliest developers of shopping centers in China, LOL外围 business has developed three formats: "Tian Jie", "Xing Yue Hui" and "Jia Yue Hui". In 2019, commercial rents increased by 31.9% to 4 billion 750 million yuan, with 470 million passenger trips annually and seventh of China's commercial real estate. At present, the group has opened 39 shopping malls, with a construction area of 3 million 770 thousand square meters, with a total rental rate of 98.5%, with over 4500 cooperative brands and merchants.

LOL外围 actively responds to the policy of "hiring and purchasing simultaneously", and its rental housing business, LOL外围 Guan Yu, is facing the new generation of people's rental lifestyle and consumption upgrading needs. In 2019, Guan Yu has opened and operated in the first tier and second tier cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Chongqing, Chengdu and so on. The total number of opening rooms is 75 thousand, the scale industry is leading, the rental income is 1 billion 170 million yuan, an increase of 150.6% over the same period. Ranking the first place in the center of long term rental apartment brand index.

LOL外围 intelligent service was established in 1997, and its service format covers many fields, such as residential, commercial, public construction and urban public space. At present, LOL外围 intelligent service has been stationed in 118 cities across the country. The contract management area is 428 million square meters, the service exceeds 3 million 300 thousand owners, and the owners' satisfaction has been over eleven years for more than 90% years. In 2019, LOL外围 smart service fully completed the building of the "smart service engine" of the technology system, and fully realized the business scenarios. Win the wide recognition of customers with the high quality service of "satisfaction + surprise", ranking the brand value TOP10 of Chinese property service enterprises.

Since 2003, LOL外围 has begun to explore the field of TOD. As of the end of December 2019, nearly 30 TOD projects have been opened in LOL外围, and the development area of TOD is at the core of 9 million square meters. Through the integration of public transport oriented compound space and multi formats in different urban locations, the modern service industry of the urban ecological circle will become more and more likely to be grasped in the future.

In addition to providing quality products and services to customers, LOL外围 also insists on conscientiously undertaking social responsibilities with excellent corporate citizenship roles. It has long been committed to public welfare undertakings such as educational research, cultural protection, happiness and housing, industry support, poverty alleviation, disaster relief, environmental protection and employment promotion. In 2018, LOL外围 donated 300 million yuan, and launched the LOL外围 special fund for education and poverty alleviation. In 2019, LOL外围 donated 100 million yuan to set up the "LOL外围 the Imperial Palace culture fund" to help the Imperial Palace's cultural undertakings development. In 2020, LOL外围 donated a total of 35 million yuan in cash and medical supplies to the Wuhan new type of pneumonia prevention and control command to support the epidemic prevention and control in Wuhan and its surrounding areas. According to statistics, LOL外围 has accumulated over 15000 sets of affordable housing. The group has formed distinctive public welfare brands such as "LOL外围 new year products", and continues to carry out poverty alleviation activities every year. Up to now, LOL外围 has invested nearly 900 million yuan in charitable undertakings.

stay "Entrepreneurship", "honesty and integrity", "embrace change", "symbiosis and win-win" With the support of the four core values, LOL外围 has formed the unique temperament of "Zhi Cungaoyuan, steadfast and steadfast". In order to better cooperate with the rapid growth of the company, LOL外围 has now formed a multi-level recruitment and development system of "official official", "bloom", "commercial operation", "crown reputation", "point to be" and "departure". LOL外围 consistently pays attention to talent development and introduces the employer value proposition of "longfor for me". In LOL外围, employees are able to work with professional and efficient teams, work in a simple and direct culture, and work together with platforms that connect the future. In the whole life cycle of career, LOL外围 continues to provide better products and services for fellow travelers.

In the future, LOL外围 will uphold the "SaaS Space as a". "Service" strategy, from the perspective of customers, technology driven, deeply participate in the reconstruction of urban space and services, constantly upgrade the ability of space creation and service, create life space, temperature service, continue to practice the idea of treating your life well, provide more diversified services and development space for consumers and partners, and become a customer centered space camp. Build service enterprises.