MAJOR ANNUAL EVENTS Annals of enterprises

Walk into LOL外围 Annals of enterprises
  • One thousand nine hundred and ninety-three

    Predecessor of LOL外围
    Chongqing Jia Chen economic and cultural promotion Co., Ltd.
    Registration establishment

  • One thousand nine hundred and ninety-seven

    Development of the first residential project Chongqing LOL外围 garden Nanyuan, is the national and Chongqing "national well-off residential demonstration area".
    The establishment of the property management department marks the entry into the field of property services.

  • One thousand nine hundred and ninety-eight

    Chongqing LOL外围 property passes the Hongkong quality assurance Bureau ISO9001 international quality system certification.

  • Two thousand and one

    Development of the first villa project - Chongqing Cinnamomum camphora forest, first involving high-end residential formats.

  • Two thousand and two

    Development of the first commercial project, LOL外围 North Street shopping mall, Chongqing, marks the entry into the commercial operation area.
    Join the League of cities, and strive for the establishment of industry order, market standard and credibility through deep industry cooperation.

  • Two thousand and three

    Chongqing North City Street Shopping Center opened, business management branch was established

    Property Management Company was set up to take over commercial property and diversify.