Long Xiao Hu
Little hoo
Chief goodwill officer CLO
Birthday: March 20th
Constellation: Pisces
Height: 130cm

Travel punched through Turkey and Paris.
Take photos with your own beauty.

Singing like Teng Ko Erh
Quiet as Fish Leong

Chongqing hotpot

Bubble Tea

Favorite food
Favorite festival

Spring Festival

Dragon Festival

When thinking, boring, trance, and getting up, I used to touch the dragon's horn and see the people I like.
I will blush and not eat coriander.

Little secret
Around the Dragon Lake
Small lake fun shopping mall coming soon, please look forward to it.
  • Dragon Lake doll

  • Dragon Lake jacket
    Badge holder

  • Dragon Lake Enamel Badge

  • Long Xiao Lake Industrial card rope

  • Dragon Lake T-shirt

  • Dragon Lake balloon

  • Dragon Lake wallpaper download area
    Dragon Lake expression bag