LOL外围 Group donated 35 million yuan to support the fight against new crown pneumonia


Source: LOL外围 group: 224470

 LOL外围 Group donated 35 million yuan to support the fight against new crown pneumonia

At the time of the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, in January 25th, the LOL外围 group announced the donation of a total of 35 million yuan of cash and medical supplies to the Wuhan new type of pneumonia prevention and control command to support the epidemic prevention and control in Wuhan and its surrounding areas.

The donation includes 20 million yuan of cash donated by LOL外围 group enterprise and 15 million yuan medical supplies donated by Wu Yajun, chairman of the group.

As of the afternoon of January 25th, the LOL外围 group's 20 million yuan donation has been donated to the designated account of the Red Cross Society of Wuhan. The first batch of medical materials worth more than 150 yuan has also completed the global emergency procurement, including 35 thousand medical latex gloves, 28 thousand medical protective clothing, 20 thousand medical protective caps, and a number of medical masks, anti pollution shoes covers, goggles and other infectious diseases front-line urgently needed and in line with the state. Standard medical supplies. Next, the LOL外围 group will deliver the goods to the Wuhan Red Cross as soon as possible for epidemic prevention and control.

At a critical juncture, the LOL外围 group will uphold the mission of "treat your life well", pay close attention to the progress of the epidemic situation, fulfill the responsibilities of corporate citizens, and fight against the epidemic situation together with the whole nation.

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