LOL外围 Group signed 7 billion yuan in February.


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In March 9, 2020, LOL外围 Group Holdings Limited (HK Stock Exchange code: 960) announced that in February, the contract amount reached 7 billion yuan (RMB, the same below) in one month, and the contracted area was 434 thousand square meters. In 1-2 months, the total contract amount was 17 billion 110 million yuan, and the total contracted area was 1 million 40 thousand square meters.

Subregional perspective, the western region signed 1 billion 960 million yuan in February, 1 billion 990 million yuan in the Bohai rim region, 2 billion 600 million yuan in the Yangtze River Delta region, 90 million yuan in the central China region, and 360 million yuan in the Southern China region.

 LOL外围 Group signed 7 billion yuan in February.

(Shenyang double long original project real map)

In the western region, Chengdu Yue Yue is ranking the first place in the signing area of commercial housing in Longquanyi district. The city of van city and Shangcheng ranks first in the contract amount of Chenghua District and Jinniu District apartment projects. Jing Ling nine ranks second in the Longquanyi area, and the fourth of the total contract price of Qianshan new town in Yau Shan county.

In the Yangtze River Delta region, Tianju, LOL外围, Wenzhou, replaces the number of signing contracts and the number of signing contracts in the urban villas. Changzhou LOL外围 star chart ranks the top of the city's apartment project contract list; Hefei LOL外围 Tianjing and Jing Lin nine are ranked the top of the regional commodity housing contract register; Hangzhou East tide government ranks fourth in the total contract price of the whole city.

Around the Bohai region, Tianjin Chun Jiang Li city ranked the first place in the signing area of commercial housing in Wuqing district; Shenyang double long original works and Shun Shan mansion ranked the top three of the signing price of the villa format and the number of signing contracts, and the nine Li Yihe ranked fifth in the contract price of the villa in the whole city. Dalian Yunfeng original works ranked third in the city's villa formats.

In addition, the Changsha Xiangjiang constellation and the spring river Yue Ming in the central China region are ranked second and four in the number of contracts for signing the apartment project in the city, respectively. The Southern China Shishi Chun Jiang Li city has won the first prize in the signing of the commodity housing contract in Shishi.

In February, the online purchase service platform of "LOL外围 U enjoy home" attracted nearly 1 million 500 thousand people to visit. The number of online activity participants exceeded 200 thousand, and the consultation volume was 20 times more than that of weekdays. With the continuous improvement of the epidemic prevention and control situation, the LOL外围 group is also actively responding to the call of the state to promote resumption and resumption of production. Under the premise of ensuring the health and safety of customers and employees, the sales offices have been opened one after another, the site construction has been resumed, the supply has been ensured, and the safety risks of resuming work have also been highly vigilant.

In March, the group will have an old project, Chongqing Yuhu No.1, Chengdu West Chen original work, cloud work, Vatican City, Suzhou west star, Ningbo Spring River Li City, Yantai Spring River Yue Ming, Qingdao Yucheng street, etc. Next, the LOL外围 group will actively respond to the flexible way of combining online and offline, and continuously provide quality products and services to customers in order to help them gain a healthy market performance.

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